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Thread: What is Featured Artist of the Month (Discontinued)


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    Cool What is Featured Artist of the Month (Discontinued)

    What is Featured Artist of the Month? Featured Artist of the Month also known as FAOTM, is a contest that awards up and coming artists, members that have arrived or anything else that you feel makes an award-winning artist. Any artist who joins AMP Productions is eligible for the FAOTM Award.

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    The Featured Artist of the Month wins:
    What determines the Featured Artist of the Month?
    FAOTM is based on a simple nomination system. The five artists with the most nominations within the month are entered into a final poll. All members are then able to vote for their favorite artist amongst the five finalists.
    1. Global Guidelines
      1. No rallying whatsoever is allowed either internally at AMP or externally. Any evidence proving this will result in disqualification.
      2. Any complaints/questions should be forwarded via Private Message to the AMP Administrators.
      3. If a candidate wins, the candidate is not eligible to enter the Featured Artist of the Month contest for another 12 months.
      4. All nominated artists must be AMP registered members. Any artists that go against this rule will be disqualified immediately.
      5. Team AMP shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate FAOTM Rules and Guidelines. If you have any complaints please send one of the Administrators a Private Message.
      6. AMP Staff may NOT nominate/second an artist.
    2. Nomination Guidelines - The Featured Artist of the Month is run on a nomination system.
      1. Primary Nominations can only be made by the Artist or Artists Label.
      2. Nominations must be seconded by at least one other member.
      3. In the nomination thread, one may only nominate their artist or second an already nominated artist. Any other posts involving anything else will be deleted.
      4. Nominations will be voided if it is not seconded.
      5. When nominating please post:
        • the Artists name,
        • a short description of what makes you or your artist stand out from the rest,
        • and a reason for nomination that will motivate others to second the nomination. Promotional text will be edited accordingly.
      6. If the nominated artist is not available at the time of creation of the poll the next nominee in line will be selected to take its place.
      7. Every member may second up to a maximum of 3 nominated artists. All 3 seconds should be made in a single post. NOTE: Only the first post with a second will count.
    3. Poll Voting Guidelines
      1. The 5 artists that have the most seconded nominations will be placed in the poll in alphabetical order.
      2. The thread containing the poll will be closed to any replies to prevent influence.
      3. Voting is up to the voters; no one can force or rally a vote, please checkout all nominated and vote for the best artist, not the artist that you are most familiar with. Please check for clause 1.2 of the Global Rules section above.
    4. Voting/Nomination Dates and Deadlines
      1. Artist nominations will take place starting the first week of every month and ending on the last week.
      2. Artist voting will take place the month after nominations have ended.Nominations and Voting takes place on the forum underINFORMATION AND CONTESTS

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    Default Re: What is Featured Artist of the Month (Discontinued)

    FAOTM has been discontinued until further notice.
    leave the limbs you've lost. they belong to me now.
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